Flow to the Whau 2022

Photo Competition with the theme of “Groundwater”

To celebrate World Water Day, we ran a photo competition with the challenge to photos with the theme of groundwater in the Whau Catchment Area. This was quite a challenge – groundwater is mostly invisible. But the photos we received were fantastic – thank you!


First place – Andrew Scott

This photo easily stood out as a winner early on with the judges – the moment, the lighting, the focus all struck a strong chord.

Second place – Alina Priestly

We received a few stunning photos of the Whau River at sunset. Our awa seems to looks best in this light! This particular photo stood out for the judges because of the satiny smoothness of the water.

Third place – Jenny Tomlin

We asked for the Good, Bad and Ugly, and this stunning photo, which one of two captured at the stream in Craigavon Park, certainly captured the uglier side of our polluted water.

Notable mention – Joy Martin-Holm

We loved the colour and contrast in this photo. It was also very distinctly Olympic Park.

Notable mention – Juliana Kim

We loved this dramatic moment and the judges appreciated how long Juliana would have had to wait to take it.