Connecting communities to each other and to the river

Te Whau Pathway Project is more than just building a shared path. It is about making great communities even better. The pathway, following 12 kilometres of riverbank between Te Atatu and New Lynn, will open up access to one of the most beautiful rivers in Auckland.

Construction paused for six months

“On 23rd February 2023, Council paused the project for six months. Construction work stopped. This is a waste of $9 million already spent unless the project continues. Te Atatū South site offices at McCormick Green and Bridge Ave are already set up and materials have arrived and have been sitting there since last year! Before the project was paused, the abutment (behind the Te Atatū Boat Club) had already begun. To get construction going again, we need your help!”

About the pathway

The pathway will connect neighbouring suburbs, connect two harbours via Green Bay, offer amazing recreational choices and lead to safer and more sustainable alternatives for travel. Pathways like these bring tourists and stimulate local economies. Above all, Te Whau Pathway Project aims to nurture a sense of pride, ownership and kaitiakitanga in the Whau River, one of the jewels in West Auckland’s crown.

Upcoming events

Nights are longer and days are shorter… yes planting season is coming! Stay tuned for more details.

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