Tirimoana School at Covil Park

The challenge: 80 plants and 8 students. Could Tirimoana School kids do it? In record time and without any botanical causalities – yes they could! Luckily the rain held and the ground was muddy and soft with lots of lovely wriggly worms – worms that little hands moved very carefully aside so they’d avoid spades.

The children then cleared some rather odd bits of rubbish from the undergrowth – including some artificial grass and a chair. “But where’s the table?” asked Matt Lyon, Deputy Principal. After a quick break, the kids planted the Whau plants they had grown from seed for this Matariki planting.

Thank you to the teachers from Tirimoana School and their amazing students for making one of the parks along the Whau River healthier, greener and a more enjoyable place to be a worm!

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About this event

DateThursday 20 July 2023
LocationCovil Park, Te Atatū South
Type of eventNature Day, Planting Day
WhoTirimoana School, Auckland Council, Te Whau Pathway Environment Trust, Whau River Catchment Trust