Where it goes

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Last updated 18 November 2021

Alignment map with connections

This map shows where the pathway goes. It also shows schools, parks and connections to other travel routes. Click on the map to view a higher quality version of the map (20MB).

To see the currently funded areas, please see the Section Overview map.

Download as PDF
The Alignment map is also available as a PDF file (2MB).

Following the Whau River

Te Whau Pathway follows the Whau River which is the second body of water you cross when you drive or cycle west along SH16 (the North Western) from Central Auckland. You can also cross the southern end of the Whau River between Avondale and New Lynn – the Ash Street Bridge is quite distinct with its colourfully-painted planters.

Following the portage route

People’s experience changes at New Lynn. From this point the pathway is a journey adjacent to roads on a protected pathway until its ending at the small sandy beach of Green Bay. This leg of the journey follows one of the traditional portage routes that Māori used to haul their waka between the Waitematā and Manukau harbours.

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