Section 1: Connecting Green Bay, Blockhouse Bay and New Lynn

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Last updated: 22 November 2021

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Portage Road

Section 2 connects the suburbs of Green Bay, Blockhouse Bay and New Lynn.

This is the most southern section of Te Whau Pathway and follows the waka-hauling section of the pathway along Portage Road.

This section sits between Green Bay Beach and Olympic Park. The majority of this section between Golf Road and Clark Street intersection has an existing on road cycle lane which will be retained. This is one of two sections along the route where cyclists and drivers will be sharing the same corridor without physical separation.

A new off road shared pathway is proposed along the end of Portage Road to Green Bay Beach. You can already enjoy attractive walks in this area in Craigavon Park and Sister Renee Shadbolt Park.

About Section 1 maps

These maps are older than the maps in the other sections and have a slightly different level of detail. They are consented maps as per the date on the first page of the PDF file.

Download Section 1 maps as PDF file

The downloadable map for Section 1 is a PDF file from earlier in 2021. This file is 26MB so may take some time to download.