Tree planting

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About planting days

Te Whau Pathway Project is about connecting people to their environment the Whau River.

Today the Whau River is unhealthy because its waterways are polluted. Planting the right plants and enough of the right plants will help improve the quality of the water. This is what planting days do!

In 2000 an organisation called Friends of the Whau started running community events to clean up the Whau River. From 2012, the Whau River Catchment Trust (WRCT) took over this responsibility. Find out more about this Trust on the Whau River Catchment Trust website.

EcoMatters, Community Waitākere and Sustainable Coastlines also run planting days in West Auckland.

New volunteers

Environmental volunteering is a fun experience for all ages. If your whānau like to get outdoors and to get their gumboots muddy, planting days might be your family’s next big thing! Your child won’t forget the excitement of planting their first tree. Individual volunteers also welcome.

Planting days happen in winter. Weeding and mulching days are equally as important and happen at other times of the year. Please use the form below if you wish to know more about future planting days.

Groups and organisations

The WCRT also welcomes groups, organisations and companies that wish to volunteer together. Please use the form below to let the WCRT know you would like to attend an event as a group.

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