Te Whau Pathway for the Mātātā (Fernbird)

Once again we are backing our little guy for Bird of the Year 2022! And this time, not a bat or kākāpo in sight!

The secretive Mātātā (New Zealand/Aotearoa Fernbird) loves wetlands and hanging out on the banks of the Whau River in West Auckland. Mātātā live where they hatch – unlike their glamorous neighbour, the 2015 Bird of the Year winner, the kuaka (bar-tailed godwit). While the kuaka travels 11,000 kilometres from its birthplace in Alaska to New Zealand, the Mātātā flies up to 15 metres.

Team Mātātā is managed by Simone Bahr, Dai Bindoff and Gilbert Brakey from the Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust which aims to connect West Aucklanders to their wetlands and birdlife via the coast to coast Te Whau Pathway.

In 2021, we received a total of 912 votes for our little guy, including 113 votes for first place. Awesome work people but let’s go for even more this year!

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