Who supports it

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In addition to our financial backers, various other organisations strongly support the construction of Te Whau Pathway.

The Project Trust

The Whau Coastal Walkway Environmental Trust manages this website. The Trust exists to ensure this pathway comes to fruition. Find more about our trustees.

Project Partners

Te Whau Pathway Project is a collaborative partnership between

Other supporting organisations

Bike Auckland

“Te Whau Pathway is a truly exemplary Greenway project – ecologically and historically sensitive, handsomely designed, and fully attentive to multiple community needs.”

Healthy Families Waitākere

“The pathway will bring real benefits to communities along Te Whau River such as improving commutes with local schools and building community connectedness, as well as providing health-enhancing recreational opportunities.”

Kelston Community Hub

“An amazing 15km walk and cycle path in our backyard.”

Whau River Catchment Trust

“[Te Whau Pathway project] project would not only give protection to remaining habitats [along the Whau River] but also have the potential to link natural areas together and to straddle and give protection to the river and its streams. Therefore [Te Whau Pathway project] could have the capacity to alleviate the effect of habitat loss and fragmentation.”